Solo 401k for offshore investment

by Aaron A Day on March 15, 2013

If you have a business, offshore, and are self employed, with no employees for that business, you can pay yourself $17,500 USD a year in offshore income salary when you place that income into a Solo 401k there is no tax consequence.

In fact, you do not even report the value of your Solo 401k to the IRS until your Solo 401k reaches a value of more than $250,000 USD. Such a perfect way to save for retirement because you created income but you didn’t create a job for a tax accountant. In today’s world everything is as close as your own laptop. Therefore, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t own or take their business offshore!

And what about you? And when you combine that tax free savings with a RAP (regulator asset protection structure) you have an offshore, nominee bank account that provides you Asset Protection and access to global investments without U.S. Person restrictions. Excluded from FATCA.

Give us a call on skype for more information on how you can obtain low cost Solo 401k administration and an Investment Account in Luxembourg that provides you with 24 hour online access to registered securities FROM any Financial Exchange including the USA. And you have added to your own sex appeal because at your next cocktail party just like the Super Rich you can talk about your offshore account!

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