One World Cross Borders Retirement Plan

by Aaron A Day on March 16, 2013

Problem: Almost all retirement plans proposed as being “International Retirement Plans” have immediate vesting, which means that growth/gains are subject to annual tax consequences in countries which tax their residents on their worldwide income.
Solution: Our plan is not-vested until retirement or withdrawal. Stated differently, “your retirement savings is not yours until it is yours.” That means that accumulated growth in the retirement Plan cannot be considered part of the employee’s compensation income, and it also means that those assets are protected from creditors.

Problem: Many plans restrict contributions to a preset schedule and locked in to a number of years which exposes members to substantial penalties for lack of contribution and huge charges when liquidated prior to the end of the number of contracted years.
Solution: Our Plan has no schedule of contributions and is suitable for variable contributions. That means as employee’s circumstances change (they move, have children, wish to redirect dollars to another investment), they can easily change their contribution schedule, and they can do it themselves online. Because this Plan does not require a contribution schedule costs are lower and changes do not require penalizing the member.

Problem: Most plans have a U.S. or U.K. bias and those plans always have a short list- limited investment selection menu.
Solution: Our plan permits investments into the top 30 government-regulated financial markets: this means your global workforce has a broad and deep choice of registered securities and currencies worldwide. Contributions can me made and held in Euro, USD, Sterling, or Yen.

Problem: Many “International Plans” have no Regulated Government Plan Administrator, Trustee and Supervisor registered by national governments and recognized by international governance.
Solution: The Administrator, Trustee and Supervisor for the Plan Assets are regulated, registered and recognized member of the International Organization of Pension Supervisors (100 plans, 60 Countries) . It is a portable, cross borders plan with tax benefits to foreign resident in North America, Central and Western Europe, and Asia.

We believe that our plan uniquely meets the benefit criteria of a proper Employee and a proper Foreign and Mobile Employee Retirement Plan. To learn more contact us.

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