Offshore Investment

There is a simple solution for U.S. taxpayers who want to invest offshore and own offshore bank accounts. Get our free report and mind-map at

Regulated, Registered, Recognized funds/Asset Managers/trading platforms/securities dealers (those not registered with the S.E.C.) will not sell investments to a USA person or an LLC,Trust, IBC or other attorney created structure that has USA person beneficiary.

For Example, the 2nd largest number of funds are registered in Luxembourg and not one of those funds will accept a USA person or LLC or Trust with a USA beneficiary. Which means you can go offshore with your Foreign Corporation, impress your friends at a cocktail party, but only end up buying gold, and other non-securities.

With RESTRICTED investment choice you must accept huge risk which is not suitable for Retirement Funds. Our Clients want the best and the best also have strong regulatory investor protection. Our Structure gives you access to Regulated, Registered, Recognized Financial Markets without USA person restrictions nor FATCA withholding issues!

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