Offshore Bank Account

In today’s world the only certain strategy for investors to achieve security from institutional failure is through a state controlled investor protection regime. Luxembourg’s investor protection is unique within Europe. The cornerstone of this regime is the legal requirement that all clients’ assets must be held by an independent custodian bank approved by the State regulator. This arrangement involving the Regulator, custodian bank and investor’s bank is known as the “Triangle of Security”.

Here’s what you want from an Offshore Account

  • Control over your annual taxable income
  • IRS Tax Reporting Transparency (the IRS knows what it is)
  • Supported by Government Regulator and by Governance Internationally.
  • Governance Protection against liability in lawsuits, bankruptcy and tax liens
  • Registered Privacy through a nominee account with separation of legal ownership
  • All forms of assets can be protected
  • Global Investment Selection without USA Person Restrictions
  • Simple Tax Reporting

We recommend that you become Geo-Diversified and invest offshore using a Regulator Asset Protection Structure. A free report including a mind map, which explains some of the details of this unique offshore investment strategy, is available when you subscribe to the Invest Offshore Newsletter.

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