Offshore Asset Protection Webinar

by Aaron A Day on February 13, 2014

This webinar explains how you can invest FROM outside of USA, using one of nine different types of RAPS investment account structures: The foreign country pension law defined in our webinar is flexible enough to meet each of the USA IRC 409A requirements. The plan can be established for one individual or can be established for a large number of individuals. It an also be established for an independent contractor, including directors.

Any amounts of money can be placed inside this RAPS with no restrictions to amount. One flavor of RAPS IRC Code allows for exclusion of contributions which are no more than 100% of annual income. Another flavor of RAPS allows for after tax contributions. Contributions are never deductible but rather when qualified are considered excluded under strict rules of ”non-vested” contributions. When contributions are exempt under code then upon withdrawal they are, of course, taxed at ordinary income rates.

The lay of the land problem in doing business offshore is that your assets and income typically become a part of your worldwide assets and worldwide income but the minute you have assets and income inside this regulated asset protection structure, then those assets are not part of your worldwide income or worldwide assets. Assets are not taxable and growth within your investment account is not taxable. In fact, you report both but they are just not taxable and not part of your worldwide assets or income.

Please join us on Saturday February 15 at 1:00 PM EST for a webinar about the Regulated Asset Protection Structure.

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