Invest offshore with your IRA, to geo-diversify and protect assets

by Aaron A Day on February 11, 2013

OFFSHORE INVESTMENT SOLUTION: 50,000 or more (U.S. Resident Only)

a) No PFIC, FBAR or IRS Form 8938 reporting requirements.
b) Customized investment account/brokerage/trading platform/discretionary manager/advisory only bankable assets
c) tax deferral on investment income
d) No FATCA issues.
e) Your Account has a Government Regulated Fiduciary in the USA and Overseas.
f) nominee account does not trade/deal as a U.S. Person and therefore no Foreign Financial Institution withholding issues.
g) Luxembourg Investment Account (24 Financial Markets any security with an ISIN)
h) 100% Segregated Account. No 3rd Party Banking Risk. No FDIC Risk
i) no accredited investor restrictions
j) Transparent Charging Structure
k) Assets Protected by Governance from U.S. Government. Creditors can not access any assets ever.

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